Out of this world: space tourism expected to launch in 2024

An illustration of a World View balloon above the Earth.

World View

World View is focusing on creating its new space capsule in preparation for launching its space tourism business in 2024.

Called the Seven Wonders of the World, seven different spaceports will be located near Amazonia in Brazil, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, the Aurora Borealis in Norway, Serengeti in Kenya, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Grand Canyon in the U.S. and the Great Wall of China in Mongolia.

Users should expect a 6 to 8 hour flight experience, but the entire trip is 5 days long. The trip will include experiences where participants will learn about the history of the areas they are in and see the impacts of climate and resources. World View CEO Ryan Hartman says immersion into an area is key to understanding how to create a “radically improved future.”

“You want to be able to immerse people in the beauty of an area, the fragility of an area, the history of an area, get to know an area before they see it from above,” Hartman says.

The space capsule will be attached to a zero-pressure strato-balloon modeled after NASA’s technology. The helium balloon stands at 550 feet tall and expands throughout the flight as the atmosphere gets thinner and helium atoms expand.

Tickets are $50,000 per seat, but trips may be financed.

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