Toxic Environment Fosters Toxic Mind  

Toxic environment refers to that surrounding in which one feels suffocated. They do feel it but doesn’t accept it. They find it difficult to survive in such type of environment, then they also remain detached from the other reference stimulus. They do find it difficult to express themselves and be calm. 

What is toxic mind and what is this toxic environment? What type of problem is this? How does it breed and how to cease it? Can we control it? At what place and at what time is it found? Ah, so many queries. For solutions let us dive deep and find solutions. 

First things first. What is this toxic environment? How do we know when it is? And is it different for all? Any environment which is not good for our mental health is a toxic environment. Like if there is a child and his parent’s fight all day and night then he is in a toxic environment. His home is no longer a home to him and more of a house. Because home is somewhere we are comfortable. 


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We know that when we are not happy. Like when you are toxic then you are negative, you perceive your work and life as a burden. You lack vigor and smile. You lack attention and focus. You get devoured by your thoughts. So, when you are being in toxic environment, then you do also become toxic. 

It is like you become like those five people with whom you interact on daily basis. As a result, just picture it as you are in the country anxiety and depression is the state you reside in, depression is the state you trapped in. And yes, toxic environment is very subjective to an extent. Generally, those people who are already from toxic environment, do spread toxicity for others. 

So, these people are passing on what they have been through. In psychology this is called escapism. Their parents must have made their life tough for them, so they are doing the same for you. And thinking that it is the best they could do. 

Toxic environment fosters Toxic mind
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Well, this move is of pawn if we metaphorize the pieces as the board of chess. The piece of queen, the mightiest and limitless – from which I mean the one who is prudent, wise, witty and educated. So, the queen would not pass rather absorb the pain and save others from falling into such trap.  

Education is a solution here because what education does is open your brain wires and nerves for smooth functioning. The mixture of education and experience is lethal and antidote for the conundrum and cumbersome.  

Moreover, it is very much necessary for people to meditate and workout and let the negative energy flow out. And toxic ones already have so much that they suffer from. So, the energy is so much from all the hate and toxicity. So, it is a must for them to be thrilled and keep working. Using stress as fuel is the best thing that could be done.  

So, in conclusion toxic environment foster toxic mind and mind set. Which does burdens us and pushes our shoulders down with power slaps and kicks us right hard and bad. Also, the energy is very potent, the energy from stress and anger. It does withdraw us down really bad. But the right-out flow does help us really quick and effective. For example, doing meditation, something creative or artistic. Generally, such people do suffer from o c d as well. So that they could be creative and effective at good and personal level. 

One of my mottoes is “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!” I’m a big believer that our thoughts and emotions shape our experiences. The problem is that most people aren’t even aware of their negative thoughts. It’s almost like they have just become a habit, so it seems normal to them. 

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